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In 1953, a group of hard working Columbia River Paper Mill employees pooled their money together and opened our credit union for all employees at the mill. The new credit union’s name was Columbia River Paper Mill Employees Credit Union. CRPMECU ended the first month of charter with assets of $854.52 and was staffed by volunteers.

In 1962, Boise Cascade purchased the mill and our name was changed to Boise Cascade Credit Union. In 1994, the charter and name were again changed to allow more people access to credit union membership; we became Cascade Forest Products Credit Union.In 2014 we revealed our current name for the credit union Lighthouse Community Credit Union.  Our commitment to our members remains the same with an even stronger focus in our community.

Lighthouse Community Credit Union is here to provide affordable access to loans, deposit and payment services. We care about our members and want to provide expertise to guide them to define their financial goals and help them achieve financial success.

Lighthouse is part of the Lighthouse Financial Network. This Network consists of three separate entities that provide affordable access to financial services and high quality financial education. The other entities include:

Lighthouse Resource Center – Providing credit counseling and financial education.

Lighthouse Financial Foundation – Providing charitable funding for the Credit Union and the Resource Center.


To help our members define and achieve financial success.


Integrity – We speak and live the truth with grace

Dignity – We recognize the transcendent value of every person; by placing our branches in or close to our member’s neighborhoods, providing convenience to help them move to where they want to be

Innovation – We are not bound by what has been discovered; we innovate to continuously improve as an organization and consistently serve our members 

Hope – We are dealers in optimism, with joy and celebration as hallmarks of ourwork 

Partnership – We do not do this alone; we form durable and productive relationships with individuals and organizations 


Steve Bernhoft – President of Lighthouse Community Credit Union

David Bristol – Board Chair

Cristhian Canseco – Board Member

Alan Hamilton – Board Member

Jennifer Small – Board Member


Brett Bryant

Sherri Falkner


The Supervisory Committee monitors the Credit Union’s operations and procedures in an oversight capacity on behalf of the members. Committee members are responsible for initiating an annual audit of the Credit Union records, conducting biennial member account verifications and providing an ongoing review of closed accounts. All of this ensures the soundness of all members’ deposits.


Lighthouse Community Credit Union is an active partner with the Bridgeview Education & Employment Resource Center, as well as Open House Ministries. We have a small branch office in each of these critical Community Centers in Vancouver. Additionally, we have ongoing interaction with Share, Boys & Girls Club, Clark County Food Bank and the Humane Society of SW Washington.